Learning by Doing

and doing again

August 18, 2013
by annecdeutsch

Work is Never Done

I would love to say that my work here is done. However, it feels like it’s just beginning.  How can you ever be done with a task as overwhelming as course design?  I have so many things that I know would make my course better and just haven’t had the time to make all the changes that I would like.  It’s frustrating that I received such amazing feedback from Alex and from Celeste, Diana and Keven but there is just no way to fit it all in over one week.  I tackled the notes I found to be most important.  Content first, aesthetics last.  I definitely haven’t dotted all of my i’s and crossed all of my t’s.  But it’s the best that I can do under the current circumstances and I’m pretty happy with it in general.

The learning curve in this course has been so steep I suppose I should appreciate that the end of the course signals a plateau.  I have no immediate plans to implement the course I built so I’m in a bit of a holing pattern for now.  But I don’t want to let go of the hope that I can teach this material online in the not too distant future.  Regardless of what happens with my course I’ve leaned so much and know that I have so much more learning ahead of me.  I won’t be taking a course next semester so maybe I’ll work on developing my very own perplexity fairy.  We’ll see what happens!

I’m so grateful that I had this experience.  I’ve learned so much from Alex and from all of my classmates.  I’m so used to turning to my professor for all of the answers and I can truly say in this class that I learned from every member of the class community.  When the course first opened I remember being so annoyed by all of the emails that came through from the course.  But pretty quickly I came to look forward to those emails so that I could follow the class discussions as they evolved.  I may not have participated in every discussion but I followed each and every one.  It’s amazing how much you can learn when you have so many instructors!

When I did student advising I would ask students all the time to name their instructors.  Chances were pretty good that if they were in a residential classroom they would know the name.  However, if they were in an online class they almost never knew their instructor’s name. It always stunned me.  In this course not only will I remember my instructor’s name – I will also remember my classmates’ names. That’s pretty remarkable!

My immediate application of what I’ve learned will come into play as I work with instructors who are teaching online and want to incorporate information literacy into their classes.  I will be working within a different framework – Blackboard rather than Moodle – but I know that it’s the concepts rather than the platform that are most important.  I will also be a guest rather than a primary instructor, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to that situation.  I just hope that I have an opportunity sooner rather than later to dig back into the online realm.

I suppose that this represents the major shift I have had over the course of the Semester.  I came in to this course eager to learn but not so eager about online education.  I wasn’t sure that I would learn as much online as I would in a residential classroom.  I was proven wrong!  I learned a tremendous amount with the help of my instructor and classmates.  This makes me more enthusiastic about finding future opportunities to both teach and learn online.

I wish all of my classmates the best as they move forward with their own adventures. And Alex I do hope that our paths continue to cross!




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